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Fredstone FAQ

How high temperature can Fredstone withstand?

Can Fredstone burst or crack when used in the grill?

Can Fredstone be used in all grills or ovens, no matter what Brand, model etc.?

Can Fredstone be used in a gas grill, charcoal grill or briquette grill?

What size Fredstone should I purchase?

Can Fredstone be used for all types of baking?

Can Fredstone be cleaned with water?

How do you clean Fredstone, if you have spilled liquids such as tomato sauce?

Can I cook roasts on my Fredstone?

Can I use pots, pans and trays on my Fredstone?

Where must I place my fire when using Fredstone?

Can I use Aluminum trays on my Fredstone, and what will it help?

What size Fredstone is best for my grill?

Can Fredstone be placed directly on the grates in my grill?