The Story of Fredstone

Fredstone was invented by Frederik Sørensen, a Danish baker with more than 49 years of experience in baking bread and pizza. Frederik spent most of his baking years operating a chain of self-owned stores and bakeries, gaining priceless experience in mastering the art.

Along with his passion for baking, Frederik developed a love of grilling and barbecuing.

As this love grew, so did his desire to find the perfect baking stone for use on grills. After retiring and selling his bakeries, Frederik became devoted to finding the best baking stones that mimicked the qualities of the ovens he used in his bakeries. He tested countless stones on his grills, varying in materials, but none could stand up to his high standards of quality.

What Frederik began to learn about all the other stones on the market is that they channeled the heat source to the surface of the stone, thus creating too hot of a surface for baking.

One day he came across a local Danish material that was ideal for creating the perfect baking stone.

Working closely with the makers of the material, Frederik was able to develop a recipe for the one of a kind Fredstone. The recipe combined the special Danish material with other secret ingredients to create a unique baking stone unlike any others on the market.

The stone was light, porous, non-toxic, and contained ideal insulating properties. All these qualities allowed for the Fredstone to heat thoroughly, rather than just the surface.

And just like that...

Frederik had achieved his goal, creating the perfect baking stone and bringing the power of a professional baker to the home griller and cook.