Fredstone FAQ

Below are the most asked questions, so you will probably be able to find the answer for your question in this section. If you’re unable to find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

How high temperature can Fredstone withstand?

Fredstone can withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees Celsius ( 2192F).

Can Fredstone burst or crack when used in the grill?

No, Fredstone will not burst or crack in the grill, you are actually able to take it direct from the freezer and put it in the hot grill, and it will still not crack. Fredstone is the only stone on the market that will not break due to temperature.

Can Fredstone be used in all grills or ovens, no matter what Brand, model etc.?

Yes, Fredstone can be used in all grills. Not only grills, but it also will work great in your oven in the kitchen or over the bonfire in your backyard or campout.

Can Fredstone be used in a gas grill, charcoal grill or briquette grill?

Yes, Fredstone can be used in all grills, no matter what heat source you're using. So gas, charcoal, wood or briquettes can be used.

What size Fredstone should I purchase?

The size you purchase ultimately depends on the size of your grill or oven. It must have approximately 2” of space on all sides of the stone. We currently carry three different sizes: Round 16”, Round 19”, Oval 23x16”

Can Fredstone be used for all types of baking?

Yes. Whatever you are trying to cook: pizza, bread, covered meats or pastries, the Fredstone will help you get the best result possible. Whether you’re baking bread at 350F or pizza at 650F (or even higher) Fredstone will work perfectly.

Can Fredstone be cleaned with water?

No, Fredstone must not be submerged in water, or exposed to rain for a long period. It can however be wiped down with a wet paper towel for cleaning.

How do you clean Fredstone, if you have spilled liquids such as tomato sauce?

The best and only way to clean your Fredstone if you have dripped tomato sauce, cheese or so on it, is to sand it down with a piece of light sandpaper, grit 400 or higher.

Can I cook roasts on my Fredstone?

Yes, Fredstone is perfect for cooking meat on. Just be sure to cover it in tinfoil to prevent the juices from being absorbed into the stone.

Can I use pots, pans and trays on my Fredstone?

Yes, Fredstone is extremely suitable for all forms of cookware, regardless of material. Just make sure it is designed for the temperature you are cooking at.

Where must I place my fire when using Fredstone?

Always make sure to have your fire directly under your Fredstone.

Can I use Aluminum trays on my Fredstone, and what will it help?

Yes, you can use a Aluminum trays on your Fredstone. This makes it easier to transport your food from the kitchen to the grill.

What size Fredstone is best for my grill?

The best size of Fredstone for your grill, must have approximately 2” space on all sides of the stone. This will give you the best airflow in the grill and the best results when baking bread or pizza.

Can Fredstone be placed directly on the grates in my grill?

Yes and No, Fredstone can be placed directly on all grates in the grill as long as they are not porcelain coated. The extreme temperature during cooking pizza can cause the porcelain to stick to your Fredstone.